The Real Group is a privately owned company that was founded in Izhevsk, Russia in October 1992. Our goal was to use the power of high-tech intensive production programs to build better future experience in international quality standards, production, engineering, marketing, research, design, testing, highly qualified personnel in various areas of businesses, and a lot more! Our teams consist of four production plants and four design divisions, sales and distribution.

Our story

Our acquired advanced research and developments have made us successful in many projects. Thanks to our specialists in production, commerce, financial and legal who played a significant effort to achieve these feet.

We have successfully carried out fruitful negotiations with several large companies, like “Merloni”, Company “Termovatt” (Italy), “Monsanto” (USA), “Kamstrub” (Denmark), Corporation “Hyundai” (South Korea), “Klaas” (Germany) and others.

Some of our successful projects are as follows:

From 1997 – 1998, we successfully implemented the first pilot project in Russia for the mass production of screwdriver-driven vehicles of the Corporation “HYUNDAI”.

In 1998 – 2003, due to the interests of agricultural producers in several regions of Russia, a large leasing project was implemented for the supply, operation and maintenance of a fleet of combine harvesters from the German company CLAAS with the simultaneous development of the production of a wide range of spare parts for them.

Since 1999, we have partnered with the Italian company “Termowatt” to begin the mass production of stainless steel water heaters, which, in terms of their parameters, are not inferior to the best foreign analogues. These products were certified according to European standards and highly demanded in Russia and other parts of the world. In terms of sales of water heaters, we are rated as one of the best in Russia. Since 2009, as a result of joint development, and innovative household water heater with unprecedented high efficiency and a seamless stainless tank has been patented and put into mass production. In collaboration with “Termowatt”, the production of a universal water heating system using solar energy has been launched.

From 2004 till present, a research and production program has been for the production of an industrial scale of light universal ultra-high pressure metal-composite cylinders for methane used as a motor fuel, for the transportation of associated petroleum gas and various technical gasses used in civil, military, ship facilities, as well as in fire extinguishing systems. The existing production capacities allowed the production of 50,000 cylinders per year. Mobile cassette accumulators are produced for 250 atmospheres, with a capacity of up to 1500 cubic meters for compressed nitrogen used in oil production, as well as mobile gas filling modules. We are equipped with a lot of certificates, which includes, Quality management systems (ISO 9001:2008), compliance with GOST R, certificates of the military and maritime registers, permissions of the Federal Assembly for environmental, technological and nuclear supervision. We have completed the certification procedure for compliance with the UNECE international rules No. 110-00. We are also a registered member of the National Gas Engine Association (NGA) of Russia.

Since 2004, thousands of tons of heat-insulating, fire-retardant and other materials based on environmentally friendly super-thin basalt fibre have been annually produced at the enterprise of the CJSC “Basalt Fiber”. At the same time, by 2009, the industrial production of special continuous basalt fibres (roving) with special properties for reinforcing composite structural materials has been mastered. R&D, advanced equipment and commissioning were carried out with the participation of major domestic and European research centres in the field of composite materials and nanotechnologies.

From 2005 till date, a specialized subdivision has been providing services to oil service companies in inclinometer surveys of oil wells and other underground utilities, as well as work on the high-precision orientation of whipstocks when drilling horizontal branches from cased well strings.

In 2021, we created the Independent European Company, “Greentech”, to satisfy the increasing demand for our products abroad. The goal is to produce high tech products for the European market in compliance with all international certification standards with the best relationship between price and quality.

Quality and experience

For 20 years SIA “Green Tech” has been developing and manufacturing metal-composite high pressure cylinders for various purposes. Technical equipment production and testing base of the company allow to obtain high-quality products with high degree of reliability.

Our products have been included in the lists of special project vehicles, and are used in the design of floating facilities and ground-based complexes of the aviation infrastructure.
In fire extinguishing systems, our cylinders ensure the safety of many buildings and facilities in the country, such as historical monuments, airports, shopping malls, oil production facilities, combustible material storage facilities, and high-voltage electrical substations.
The Gazprom companies are large consumers of our cylinders, as well as the KAMAZ, NEFAZ and GAZ Group car factories.

Green Tech is a modern manufacturer

Serial production of cylinders with a capacity of up to 210 liters for a pressure of up to 39.2 MPa is organized on a modern manufacturing plant equipped with efficient high tech equipment.

Cylinders are capable of withstanding without destruction a pressure 3-3.5 times higher than the working one and more than 15 thousand cyclic loads.

International standards

Our factory is regularly inspected by independent Notified Bodies and audited according to the requirements of the pertinent Safety Authorities, multinational gas companies and vehicle manufacturers.