Basalt fiber is characterized by the fact that it has an extremely low thermal conductivity. That is why basalt material is also used for fire protection. Basalt is a natural component and rock wool fiber products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Basalt fiber is widely used in construction, so there is a fairly large range of basalt thermal insulation materials on the market.


Green Tech "Basalt"
within 20 years of successful business, today has a leading position in the market of heat and sound insulation materials.  Our products are environmentally friendly and comply with strict international quality and safety standards.
Cords basalt heat-insulating (SHBT)

Basalt heat-insulating cords (SHBT) are products consisting of a core made of heat-insulating heat-shielding canvas based on super-thin basalt fibers from rocks, without a binder.

Cord produced with a high density braid of basalt, glass, silica, carbon or metal filaments wire.

Rock Wool Basalt Insulation Fire Retardant (MBOR)

Basalt fire-retardant rolled material MBOR (without lining material, with fiberglass lining on one side,

with fiberglass lining on both sides, on foil on one and both sides).

Basalt slabs (BVTM)

Basalt slabs are canvases of super-thin basalt fibers impregnated with an environmentally friendly binder – water solution of polyvinyl acetate.

During production, the material is pressed and dried at high temperatures, after which it acquires strength and rigid structure.

Basalt fiber mats (MPB)

Basalt stitched mats  MPB are made of BSTV canvases, which are stitched with glass or basalt thread in the longitudinal direction. Thanks to the firmware, the material acquires a uniform density and accuracy of geometric parameters. It easily transfers transportation, keeps structure at installation and operation. Mats can be wound into a roll, unwound, used to insulate vertical surfaces – the canvas will not slip or deform.

BSTV basalt canvas superthin fiber

BSTV canvases are produced from super-thin basalt fiber. Supplied as foil-wrapped or without it.

The material is widely used in industrial and civil construction, fuel and energy complex, food and pharmaceutical industries.